Michael Baliban

Business development representative

Michael Baliban is our Business development representative. He was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He grew up in a large family with 4 other siblings, which taught him how to really appreciate being in a team and to take care of one another. In his free time he writes screenplays, plays a lot of sports and tries to teach himself new skills everyday. He used to work in the film industry.

He loves seeing a smile on someone's face. He has a lot of goals that he would like to see come to fruition, and loves to challenge himself everyday.

Not only did he just start working with FBA Masterclass, he also launched his scales career which is a completely new industry to him where he's committed to learning, mastering and finding success within. As he loves seeing a smile on someone's face, he is always here to help and will do his best to guide his fellow peers to create a successful and fun journey for us all. He is looking forward for what's to come!

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