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This all-inclusive program guides you step-by-step through selling your first winning product. With self-paced course modules, the industry’s most active Facebook group, and live coaching calls, you can accelerate your path to freedom.

What's inside?

Approved members will receive:

  • 200+ modules of easy-to-follow Amazon training
  • LIVE expert coaching and mentorship calls Monday-Thursday with Tom & team
  • New modules with updated strategies & advanced tactics added regularly
  • Direct access to Tom in the FBA Masterclass Private Facebook Community
  • Exclusive invitation to Level 2: a secret super-seller group
  • Private coaching from other 7-8 figure Amazon Sellers
  • Direct access to VIP guests such as 8-figure sellers and private equity investors
  • First-in-line access to partnership invitations and funding opportunities
  • Done-for-you templates and systems worth thousands - all included
Tom Wang at the FBA Masterclass conference in 2019

About FBA Masterclass.

FBA Masterclass is a private program for qualified individuals who want to earn meaningful income on Amazon. The modules are designed for total beginners. Through crystal clear instruction, you will learn how to do everything from finding suppliers, to launching products, to scaling your business, and everything in between.

Every week, we host group coaching calls from Monday through Thursday over Zoom. This is where you will get your questions answered quickly with insider tips, tricks, and strategies. And through our Facebook community, you will have direct access to Tom himself and other students who do $10,000 per month, $50,000 per month, and even up to $100,000 per month. Tom is building his Amazon business every day. So whatever strategies are working in his Amazon business, you’ll be the first to know.

What’s Covered in FBA Masterclass

Here are the modules within FBA Masterclass. These lessons give you the exact formula you need for success, proven by Tom and dozens of students that have come before you. Everything you need to build a profitable Amazon business, all in one place.

Chapter 0
Welcome & Setup
  • How to Navigate the Membership Portal - The RIGHT Way
  • FBA Masterclass Facebook Community
  • Things You Need Before You Can Start Making Money on Amazon
  • Amazon Seller Central Setup Walkthrough
  • Amazon Seller Central Document Guidelines
  • How to Setup An Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Best Business Structure for Your Amazon Business
  • How to Setup a Business in BC, Canada
  • How to Setup a Business in the USA (USA Students Only)
  • Setting Up OFX (Non-USA Students Only)
  • 90 Day Goal with Kevin Pasco
  • 12 Month Amazon Journey Outline
  • Amazon Anatomy
  • Brand Name vs Store Name vs Company Name
  • Biggest Mistakes & Things to Avoid
  • FAQ's While Getting Setup
Chapter 1
How to Find Your First Winning Product
  • Introduction
  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon Using Viral Launch
  • Viral Launch 30-Day Trial Signup
  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon Using Amazon Suggested
  • Additional Ways to Find Winning Products
  • Primary Research - Product Validation Checklist
  • Secondary Research - Product Validation Checklist
  • Should You Start a Branded Store vs Non-Branded Store?
  • Product Validation Checklist
  • Narrow Down Your Product List
  • Avoid These Products!
  • How to Come Up with a Killer Product Offering (Part 1)
  • How to Come Up with a Killer Product Offering (Part 2)
  • Why Do Some Products Fail?
  • Disposable Plate Analysis
  • 3 Tier Serving Tray Analysis
Chapter 2
Sourcing, Negotiation, and Logistics Secrets
  • Introduction
  • Commonly Used Logistics & Sourcing Terminology
  • Negotiations - Real Case Study
  • How to Reach Out to Suppliers on Alibaba
  • Supplier Outreach Email [PDF]
  • A Quick Way to Get Quotes
  • How Many Units Should You Order?
  • FBA Cashflow Forecast Worksheet
  • How to Narrow Down Your Suppliers
  • How to Negotiate with Your Suppliers
  • What to Say When Suppliers Ask You Weird Questions?
  • Additional Questions You Need to Ask
  • Order & Evaluate Samples
  • Negotiation (Part 2)
  • How to Work with Multiple Suppliers
  • How Does Packaging Work?
  • State of California Product Restriction
  • Insert Card Strategies to Gather Customer Data
  • More Insert Cards
  • How to Create Your FNSKU / Create Your First Listing
  • Error When Creating Listing
  • Error When Creating Listing 5665 Error Code
  • How to Pay Your Supplier
  • How to Conduct An Inspection
  • Failed Inspection?! What you should do next
  • How Does Shipping from China to Amazon Work
  • Shipping Explained Pricing Chart
  • How to Calculate Shipping Fees [Exercise]
  • Amazon Prep Requirements
  • Mater Carton Marking
  • How to Create a Shipment Plan on Seller Central
  • 10 Things to Avoid Before You Place Your 30% Deposit
  • What Happens After You Place Your Deposit?

Chapter 3
Building the Foundations for Launch
  • Introduction
  • How to Create Images that Stand Out
  • Split Testing Your Main Image
  • How to Price Your Product During Launch
  • How to Do Keyword Research [Part 1]
  • How to Do Keyword Research [Part 2]
  • The Art of Copywriting
  • Forbidden Keywords in TITLE (Other fields are fine)
  • More Forbidden Keywords in Entire Listing
  • How to Find Out Your Top 10 Competitors
  • EBC + Videos
  • Adding The Above to Your Amazon Listing
  • Amazon Return Settings
  • FAQ
Chapter 4
How to Get Reviews on Amazon
  • How to Get Reviews on Amazon
  • How to Get More Reviews Using Feedback Whiz

Chapter 4.1

Before You Start Ranking
  • Understanding Sessions and Conversions
  • Session - How to get more people to click into your listing?
  • Conversion - How to Increase Your Sales By Doing These 5 Things
  • Product Tracking Worksheet
  • Listing Not Showing BSR?
  • How to Leverage Pricing to Gain Reviews
Chapter 5
Rank & Bank Overview
  • Overview of Rank & Bank
  • Rank & Bank Resources
  • Understanding Ranking on Amazon
  • How to Pick the Right Keywords to Appear on Page 1
  • How Many Units Do You Need to Giveaway
  • Tracking Keyword Movement
  • Rank & Bank Budgeting Spreadsheet
Chapter 6
R&B Technical Steup - ManyChat
  • ManyChat Overview
  • Signing Up for Facebook, Seller.Tools, and ManyChat
  • ManyChat - How To Download Your Flow
  • ManyChat - What is a Tag?
  • ManyChat - How To Setup API Key
  • ManyChat - How To Organize Your Flows
  • ManyChat - How To Setup Your First Flow
  • What is a SuperURL and How do I Use It?
  • ManyChat - How to Rank For Multiple Keywords
  • (Continued ) ManyChat - How To Setup Your First Flow
  • (Continued pt 2 ) ManyChat - How To Setup Your First Flow
  • ManyChat - Customer Service With Gift Card Issues
  • ManyChat - Automation Tab
  • ManyChat - How to Set up Auto Rebate Counte
  • Unit Counter Flow - How to Fix Date Error
  • ManyChat - How to Automate Promo Counter
  • How to Spread Out Your Rebate Over the Course of 1 Day
  • ManyChat - How to Attach the Ban List
Chapter 7
R&B Techincal Setup - Seller.Tools
  • Seller.Tools Overview
  • Seller.Tools - Adding Funds to Wallet
  • Seller.Tools - How to Set Up Auto Top-off
  • Seller.Tools - How To Manually Send Gift Cards
  • Seller.Tools - How to Export Data From Seller Tools
  • Seller.Tools - What To Do When Customers Did Not Get Gift Card
  • Seller.Tools - Accessing External Requests With ST API
  • Seller.Tools - How to Get Other Pre-Made ManyChat Flows From Seller Tools
Chapter 8
R&B Technical Setup - Facebook
  • Facebook Ad Overview
  • How to Setup Your Facebook Ad [Part 1]
  • How to Setup Your Facebook Ad [Part 2]
  • Facebook - Setting Up Your First Facebook Ad
  • Rank & Bank FAQ
Chapter 10
Introduction to Amazon PPC
  • Basic Terms & Theory
  • Auto vs Manual Campaign & Advertising Match Types
  • Different PPC Strategies & Next Steps
  • Sellers Arena Part 1 - PPC Overview
  • Sellers Arena Part 2 - Keyword Research & Setting Up Initial Campaigns
  • Sellers Arena Part 3 - How to Read Initial Data
  • Sellers Arena Part 4 - How To Further Optimize Your Campaigns
  • Wordtree Part 1 - How To Setup PPC Using Wordtree
  • Wordtree Part 2 - WordTree Interview with Dalton
  • PPC Part 1 with Mina
  • PPC Part 2 with Mina
Chapter 11
Maintain and Scale
  • How to Add and Create Variations in Seller Central
Chapter 12
Finance Side of Amazon FBA Business
  • How to Calculate Storage Fees
  • How to Read Your Amazon Payout Report
Chapter 13
  • What do Do When You Are Out of Stock
  • New Way to Get Trademark! - Aug 5th 2020
  • How to Get a Trademark FAST
  • How to Get a Trademark to Get Brand Registry
  • How to Contact Amazon Seller Support
  • How to Send a Free Product Using Manual Fulfillment
  • Deadly Mistakes of Amazon FBA
  • What to Do When You Are Out of Stock
  • How to Create Group Discount Codes
  • How to Create Dollar Off Coupon Codes
  • Remote Fulfillment with Amazon FBA
  • How to Do Customer Service with Amazon

Dedicated students can see rapid results.

Steven launched his first Amazon product in December of 2020. In three short months, he had done over $150,000 in sales.


FBA Masterclass student

Amazon provides us the opportunity of a lifetime

Lance is a busy man with two kids, a wife, and 21 business attempts. Through FBA Masterclass, he was able to profit more quickly than ever before.


FBA Masterclass student

People from every walk of life can win

Trung was laid off during the pandemic. With a family and a mortgage, he and his wife made an investment in their future. Within 18 days of launch, he had sold over $10,000.


FBA Masterclass student

“It allowed me to skip over mistakes that I would’ve made if I didn’t take the course.”

- JP Y. Testimonial
Key highlights:
  • I was a stock trader running a tech company
  • It gave me a guide from product research to launch
  • Now making between $12,000-20,000 per month
  • You made me feel comfortable launching my next products
  • The community is great!
Robert C
Key highlights:
  • Started Amazon in October 2017
  • Wanted time and financial freedom for his family
  • First product made $20,000-30,000 in monthly revenue
  • Went from $15,000/month to $100,000/month in sales in 2-3 months
  • Now making $100,000 per month with only 3 products
Kyle G
Key highlights:
  • Started Amazon 6 years ago
  • Was struggling with the business saw FBA Masterclass on YouTube
  • Launched many products after the course
  • Now does close to $200,000 per month on Amazon
  • “Everything that you shared on your course has worked!”


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Included Bonuses

On top of the course modules, exclusive Facebook group,
and live group coaching calls, you will receive $20,000+ in bonuses including:

Million-Dollar Network

Instead of trying to find your own partners and vendors, you will get Tom’s pre-approved list with contact information included.

Perfect Product Manifesto

No matter what your budget is, this specific formula will help you find the perfect first product as an Amazon newbie.

A List of Great Product Ideas

To save you some time in your product research, we’ve put together a vetted list of product ideas. Use this to get creative juices flowing.

Negotiation Secrets Case Study

You will see an entire negotiation from start to finish, which saved us over 60% of our initial quote. Plus, we give you a script to use on your own.

How to Join the FBA Masterclass community?

To qualify you must meet the following requirements:

You are an action-taker

There is no point in applying if the program will collect dust on the shelf. If you are investing in FBA Masterclass, you are expected to put aside a few hours every week to actually go through the program.

You have at least 5,000$

You need capital to build an Amazon business. If you don’t have enough right now, you’re not ready for FBA Masterclass. We suggest taking on other side hustles until you have enough stashed away.

You're ready for a new journey

So far, this program has helped dozens of newbies reach over $10,000 per month in sales with their first product. How? They followed the system exactly as it is laid out. If you can do this, you’ll do well in the program.

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With Amazon, all you need to do is sell one good product - that's it. With just one product you life can change forever.

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