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FBA Masterclass

FBA Masterclass is a premier mentorship program created to help students across the world find success through Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

This is a private program for qualified individuals who want to earn potential side hustle or full-time income - in months, not years.

About Tom Wang

Founder @ FBA Masterclass

I immigrated from China to Canada in 2001 and instantly became an underdog. My mom worked three jobs and we still struggled to put food on the table. I hustled by scalping tickets and flipping on Craigslist, even though my parents wanted me to focus on education. After starting and failing in 7 different businesses, Amazon FBA was the only venture that proved successful. For almost two years, it was all about trying and learning from failures. Since January 1st of 2017, I have generated over 8 figures selling physical products on Amazon and have sold one of my brands Sdara Skincare for 7-figures. Today, I continue to invest and build ecommerce brands.

Tom Wang

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Why Learning from us?

Proven method

Our step-by-step training is easy to follow and provides a perfect framework for students who want to build financial freedom.

No experience needed

FBA Masterclass is designed for complete beginners. Even without any experience, knowledge, or connections, you can find success through this program.

Growing Community

More and more people are taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Join our private community on Facebook and learn from 6-figure, 7-figure, and fellow entrepreneurs.

One-on-One Mentorship

With a dedicated Amazon FBA mentor, you can get every single question answered directly from an expert.


This is the stories of some FBA Masterclass students
who have amazing results to share.

How Jennie Started

Name: Jennie
Career: Nursing
Built a 5-Figure / Month Amazon FBA Business While Being A Nurse During COVID.
Results: $15k per month in sales

Jennie Testimonial

"life's too short to not go after what you want"


ICU Nurse from Nigeria Immigrated to Texas 12 years ago.


"Make sure that you're redilient and no matter what happens, stick in there."
$50,000/Month on Amazon
How David Went From Corporate Life To Successful Entrepreneur


"Take Tom's Course because he know what he is doing"
Making $45k a month in sales at home
How Jennie Started A 5-Figure / Month Amazon FBA Business While Being A Nurse During COVID


"life's too short to not go after what you want?"
$15k per month in sales
From $0 - $100,000 in 8 Months..
Dan Kogan

Dan Kogan

This Amazon training can certainly change your life"
Making $100k a month in just 8 months after joining FBA Masterclass
$20k/month with winning product while working corporate jobs
Arek & Brian

Arek & Brian

"Just follow the steps that Tom will give you because it is the ladder to success"
Making $20k with one product
Kyle G. doing close to $200,000 a Month!
Kyle G

Kyle G

"This course is an A to Z to bring your business from 0 to 10k to 100k"
Making $200k a month

Frequently asked questions

How do I...?

How much do I need to get started?

The amount of money you spend will depend on your budget and the product you choose to sell. We typically recommend that students have a minimum of $5,000 in cash to invest into their first product.

How long does it take to make money?

With our FBA Masterclass Road Map, the average student can choose a product, set up their listing, and get their first sale on Amazon within about 90 days of starting our program.

Are results guarantee?

We cannot guarantee any specific results. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have tools for success including course videos, the Facebook community, and live coaching calls. Some people do nothing with the course - while others make a great living. Those who trust the process and follow-through will see the best outcome.

What payment options do I have?

FBA Masterclass offers different programs for different goals and payment plans. The best way to see if you’re a good fit for the program is to apply, and our team will review options with you individually.

When does the course starts or finishes?

You can start today and take the course at your own pace, chapter by chapter. It has been designed to fit into busy schedules so that you can go as quickly as you’d like - or take your time as well. There is no expiration date and our program is constantly updated based on new Amazon updates.

What if I'm unhappy with the training?

With over 2,000 students, our Net Promoter Score (a standard way Fortune 500 companies measure customer satisfaction) is 55. This puts us in the same range as top companies like Apple and Whole Foods. We are a very tight-knit community and don’t just let anyone in. Before enrolling, you will talk to a coach to ensure this is a good fit for you.

What is required from me?

A willingness to learn, a commitment to spend time every week building the business, at least a year’s worth of dedication to the process, a minimum all-in investment of $5,000 for your product.

Can't I learn everything on Youtube?

YouTube videos give you a 10,000 foot view of how to sell on Amazon, but they won’t walk you through the details. Plus, many of them are outdated. This course covers the nitty-gritty so you’re not left questioning what to do with all your inventory.

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