Carlos Gutierrez

FBA Coach

I have been a full-time e-commerce business owner since 2006 (selling stuff online since 1999) but full time since 2006. I had sold stuff on Amazon but nothing was consistent enough to make it worth the trouble. In 2023 Feb I had my first sale using something called retail arbitrage. I made $100,000.00 in gross sales in 6 months. I quickly realized that business was unsustainable for many reasons but here are the big ones -

1. it's not my own product.

2. I can't control inventory since I was buying from local stores.

3. I can be cut off from supply at any moment or have an IP complaint for selling someone else's product.

In October 2023 I decided to get an FBA masterclass - within a few weeks of finishing the course, I launched my product and got it to 300 units/month in sales. there have been many learning curves along the way and now I have just landed my 3rd product on Amazon as my own branded stuff. I now have full control of my inventory, manufacturing, and sales, I can turn on promotions, advertising, etc all because it's my own branded products thanks to FBA Masterclass. With focus and dedication, anything is possible

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