David Nguyen

FBA Coach

David joined FBA Masterclass in March 2020 and successfully launched his first products on Amazon just three months later in June, despite the challenges and uncertainties that arose due to the global situation at the time. His previous employer faced temporary closure, providing David with an opportunity to dedicate his full attention to his new venture. Fast forward to 2023, and David has achieved remarkable success in the Amazon marketplace, with sales exceeding 7 figures. In addition, he has expanded his reach to other e-commerce platforms, such as Etsy, Walmart, and Shopify. Drawing from his background in logistics, he has skillfully managed the complex shipping landscape during the past two years of unprecedented shipping price hikes. Currently, David balances his time between his business ventures and parenting responsibilities. He is committed to maintaining a flexible schedule that allows him to spend quality time with his family, which was a primary motivation for starting his online business. David derives great satisfaction from sharing his expertise and coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs to overcome any obstacles they may encounter. In his personal time, David is an avid basketball fan and enjoys indulging in his favorite foods and beverages, such as bubble tea. Should you require guidance or support with your own business, David is always willing to lend his expertise and offer assistance.

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