Todd Al

FBA Coach

Todd comes from a traditional marketing background, earning a BCom with honours in Marketing from UBC in Vancouver, before going on to build a Brand Management career with some of the world’s top Consumer Packaged Goods Firms—P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, and Danone. There he had the opportunity to impact everyday household brands like Febreze, Mr Clean, Vega, Speed Stick, Irish Spring, and Soft Soap—managing 9-figure brands with 8-figure marketing budgets. But working through the eCom surge during Covid, he took the opportunity to jump from corporate and use that knowledge to finally start a brand of his own. Now as a 6-figure Amazon seller, he’s hit a peak month of $99k USD revenue, and has a passion for sharing his experience so that we can all use business and innovation to improve the world.

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