Amazon FBA as a Work From Home Job for Amazon Sellers

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Since the advent of the internet, communication has become much simpler. However, it has also made it simpler to earn money from home. So much so that more than one-third of Americans now work from home.

There are so many lucrative work-from-home jobs available nowadays. One of the most popular work-from-home jobs right now is Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Using Amazon FBA as a work-from-home job allows you to use both Amazon's huge buyer base and its top-notch logistics network.

Working from home and making money on Amazon is possible. This article will show you how to do it, from finding things to sell to the different Amazon FBA models you can join.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) allows independent enterprises to sell their goods fast online while incurring the least cost. Your products are shipped to Amazon, where they are held until they are sold.

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

A product is dispatched from one of several Amazon Fulfillment Centers once someone purchases it. As a result, shipping, customer support, and returns are not concerns for third-party merchants. You could be able to reach millions of customers by joining up for FBA.

Amazon FBA as a Work From Home Job

One of the best things about Amazon is that you can make money in a variety of ways. Choose the option that seems to fit you the best.

Let's examine the different FBA models.

1. Selling Private Label Products

Manufacturers who employ private label products use one of their stock items and add your brand name to it. Many people like the idea of having specific, consistent products that they could sell repeatedly.

One of the amazing benefits of selling private label goods is that, if you succeed, you won't need to look for new goods continually. Instead, all you need to do is ensure you have enough supply of your best-selling goods.


  • Earn without active effort.
  • Possibility of a large profit margin.
  • There's no need to keep looking for things to sell.
  • Can develop a brand that will last for a long time


  • Higher inventory expenses compared to alternative methods.
  • The majority of goods face stiff competition.

2. Sell a Custom Product

You don't have to create a private label brand if you wish to market and sell your goods. You can also design and make your custom product by asking a manufacturer to create it in accordance with your specifications. Many of the manufacturers you find on Alibaba are prepared and capable of doing this.

brown cardboard boxes on a warehouse

One way to prevent competitors from duplicating your success is to develop a patenting your product. Although producing and marketing a custom product will need more work up front, doing so will increase your chances of long-term success.


  • Simpler to stand out from the competition
  • Many suppliers are open to working with you to develop a product that is exclusively yours.
  • You can get a patent for your items to prevent competitors who might want to imitate them.


  • Requires more time and effort
  • Higher costs

3. Retail Arbitrage

Finding low-priced goods in one's area or online and reselling them at a profit on Amazon is the basis of this business. It might be anything from books to toys to tools to technology.

brown and black amazon box

You only need to download their free seller app to your phone and create a free Amazon seller account to get started. When you're out shopping, scan a few barcodes in the clearance section to check how much things are selling online.

The app will inform you of your expected profit after expenses and the product's sales position within the category.


  • Easy to get started
  • Product reviews don't worry you
  • No need to build a brand


  • More time is spent looking for products you can buy and resell.

4. Buying and Selling Products From Wholesalers

Another way to work remotely and make money on Amazon is to buy bulk from wholesalers. This strategy reflects a combination of retail arbitrage and private label. You won't be developing your own name or line of goods like you would with a retail arbitrage strategy. You'll be selling already-made goods instead.

Similar to the private label strategy, you might be able to sell a few successful products repeatedly for a considerable amount of time. The secret is identifying the goods you can purchase at a profit and resell on Amazon.


  • No requirement to build a brand
  • Independent on the success of any product
  • Easy to profit from items that competing vendors are neglecting.
  • Possibility for the business to expand and grow.


  • Minimum order quantities can be high
  • Low-profit margins.
  • Many wholesalers already have their own Amazon stores.

5. Selling Secondhand Items

Selling used products is one of the best Amazon work-from-home jobs. Amazon offers a well-known trade-in program, but that program is more for obtaining free Amazon gift cards than running a real business.

Selling used books is one of the most popular ways to establish a real business. You can sell different kinds of secondhand goods, though. For instance, if used cameras and lenses are in good shape, they can retain their value well, and there is a sizable market for used photography equipment.

You should ensure you are allowed to sell the product before continuing because Amazon has some limitations on the used goods that can be sold.


  • Less competition
  • Possibility of Great profit margins
  • Easy to start


  • Amazon has limitations on certain products

6. Writing E-Books

With the help of the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) initiative, Amazon is a great online book store. There are many opportunities because millions of customers use Amazon to search for e-books.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

As challenging as it may seem, writing and self-publishing your own e-book are simple. To style your writing, you can either use free software or hire someone on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork. An effective e-book can provide passive income for weeks, months, or even years.


  • Inventory is not required.
  • If your e-book continues to sell, there may be a chance for passive income.
  • Possibility of expanding the business by producing additional e-books.


  • The pricing of most e-books on Amazon is very low.
  • Regularly publishing new e-books is recommended for consistent income.

7. Amazon Associates

"Amazon Associates" is the official name for Amazon's affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can promote things sold on Amazon using your website or blog and get paid for each sale you make.

Amazon Associates

Small blogs and websites can also be accepted into the program. Your website or blog can promote products on Amazon regardless of the subject matter. Since so many people already trust Amazon and so many people are Amazon Prime members, your conversion rates will be great.

There isn't much maintenance required once the website is set up and generating visitors from Google searches. You'll definitely want to keep adding new content, but outsourcing is fairly simple.


  • There are countless products you may advertise.
  • Small websites can also be accepted into the program.


  • Low commissions

8. Merch By Amazon

Merch By Amazon

Another approach to monetizing the website without investing in or managing inventory is through Merch by Amazon. You may earn money through this print-on-demand program by creating t-shirts, hoodies, and other fashion products.

If customers like the products they see, they can buy it from you on Amazon, and the company will handle printing and shipping. To sell through Merch by Amazon, you must have an invite. You won't require inventory because the goods are printed as they are sold.


  • Low expenses
  • No need to manage inventory


  • You'll need an invite to sell on the program

How to Make Money With Amazon FBA

Step 1. Decide On a Product

If you're trying to decide what product to make (or have made) and sell first, you're on the lookout for a window of opportunity. There are several options:

  • Low competition
  • Flawed products
  • Poor presentation from competitors

Step 2. Find a Manufacturer

Do not choose a manufacturer based solely on pricing. You must put quality first if you want to sell private label goods on Amazon for a long time. The simplest method is to use Alibaba and look for a manufacturer who makes the item you wish to sell (or something similar).

Reviews of the products are crucial for Amazon sales. If your product is of poor quality, you will receive negative reviews and see a decline in sales. However, if your product receives favorable reviews, you may see a long period of profitable sales.

Step 3. Create the Product Listing

After selecting a manufacturer and placing your order, it will likely take a few weeks or months for the item to arrive at Amazon's warehouse and be prepared for sale.

Storage Warehouse

You ought to be working on your listing during this time;

  • Use decent photos
  • Use the right keywords in the product title
  • Use bullet points
  • Add all the important information

Step 4. Making Sales

Making sales comes next after your product is launched. If you were able to pick a product with little competition, you could be able to start making sales in a short period of time.

Amazon packaging

One of the most challenging aspects of the process is often getting traction and closing the first few deals. Amazon will give you a higher ranking in the search results once you've shown them that you can generate sales. Here are a few options for you;

  • Consider Amazon ads
  • Build your email list
  • Running Google ads
  • Using discount sites

Step 5. Scaling Up

Once your first product is doing well, you might want to think about adding a second one. The best strategy to increase your overall revenue and profit is to expand your business and add new products.

Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon FBA


1. Discounted Shipping Rates

Because you're dealing with Amazon, you'll spend less on shipping through the FBA platform. The fees you pay are still less expensive than handling your own shipping and fulfillment.

2. Customer Service Management

Amazon provides its own customer support for FBA sellers. You can also take care of your own customer support requirements using their FBA platform, channeling all of your services through one platform.

3. Easy Shipping

Amazon takes care of everything. You simply need to check and track your listings, check that they are filled with merchandise and then leave the fulfillment to be handled from beginning to end.

4. Fast Delivery

Amazon prime delivery

Products in FBA get the Prime badge and automatically qualify for Prime's free delivery and fast shipping options. Plus, since it's a part of the service, you won't have to pay extra or charge premium shipping fees to do that.

5. Return Management

Amazon pickup & returns building

Since returns and refunds are seen as a part of the fulfillment process, FBA also handles returns. This relieves you of one additional task.


1. Costs

FBA is a really useful service but can also be expensive. The way fees are computed, this service is unsuitable for inexpensive items. Thankfully, Amazon has a helpful FBA calculator that will show you whether it's a wise decision.

You cannot put off paying what you owe to Amazon. Amazon will deduct all costs payable to them. If your balance is insufficient to pay your fees, you must present a credit card to settle the outstanding balance.

2. Storage Fees

A warehouse

Items that sit for a longer period of time will cost more. Although long-term storage costs are not the end of the world, you will need to account for them in your continuing spending plan to ensure FBA makes financial sense for your company's objectives.

3. Product Requirements

Amazon has its own standards for products before they can be accepted into its FBA fulfillment warehouse.

Before shipping any of your products to Amazon, you must make sure that they are all properly prepared, including how they are packaged, labeled, and dispatched in accordance with the FBA inventory warehousing rules.

Tips for Improving FBA Sales

There is a wealth of useful information is available to help you maximize your FBA sales. Here are some tips to remember if you want to use Amazon FBA, one of the best remote jobs, to boost your earnings.

1. Be Wise When Choosing Your Products

white and black round portable speaker

Consider your sales rank as well as the benefits you receive in return. Despite being competitive, high-ranking products will sell rapidly and keep inventory moving. Low-quality products may cause stagnant inventories and ongoing costs.

2. Start Small

You shouldn't feel like you have to sell everything just to make ends meet. Remember that Amazon FBA incurs charges for warehousing and storage, so until you know what will sell, think about trying a few things and expanding your product line over time.

If you're just starting as an Amazon seller, it can be helpful to start with a carefully curated set of products to sell through FBA.

3. Respond to Customer Inquiries

Generally speaking, customers consider one of the most important aspects when selecting an Amazon seller is how they react and interact when challenged. If a user asks a question, respond to it respectfully and swiftly to let everyone know you're available.

4. Use Online Analytics Software

Analytics software

Use web analytics tools to conduct product research on the best-selling and most profitable things on Amazon and identify the best product categories to sell in.

5. Create a Brand

You can't just list everything for sale and cross your fingers. You must invest the time necessary to build a brand, position it for success, and ensure it reaches your target market. It is important to ensure you are selling high-quality goods and obtaining them from a reliable manufacturer or distributor.


You can make so much more money from your online sales by using the power of Amazon FBA, but only if you do it correctly and if your products are profitable.

Ultimately, the Fulfillment by Amazon program gives sellers the best of everything in a convenient small package. However, the cost structure and handling of fulfillment might not be suitable for all brands or products.

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