How Much Does Amazon Make A Day, Week, Month?

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Amazon has completely revolutionized how we shop, making it one of the top valued companies worldwide. So, how much does Amazon make a day? Stick around to find out.

According to these Fourth Quarter Results, Amazon's revenue in 2021 was reported at 33.36 billion dollars. So, of course, with such a valuation, it's no surprise that you're curious to find out how much this retail giant makes in a day, hour, minute and second.

Here's what we found out.

How Much Does Amazon Make in 2022?

Amazon's online sales were reported at $638 million per day in 2021. Let's break down this number to get a better perspective.

With reported revenue of $232.9 billion in 2021, this translates to:

  • $19.4 billion per month
  • $4.5 billion per week
  • $638.1 million per day
  • $26.6 million per hour
  • $443,112.63 per minute
  • $7,385.21 per second

To give you an even better perspective, France fined Amazon €4 million for "abusive conditions" imposed on the sellers, according to reports by the Telegraph. If you're more conversant with U.S. dollars, that amount equated to about $4,416,522.21.

Based on our revenue breakdown, it would take about 10 minutes for Amazon to pay off the France fine.

How much can you get done in 10 minutes? If you're like most people, it probably takes you about 10 minutes to take a shower or make a cup of coffee.

Conversely, Amazon takes the same time to make enormous and unimaginable amounts of money. Also, keep in mind that this amount is significantly increasing, especially after the pandemic and many people working from home.

How Does Amazon Generate Its Revenue?

Amazon started as an online shop for books. However, the company has grown and evolved by diversifying its income streams over the past few years.

The largest source of revenue for Amazon comes from directly selling products and services to consumers through its website. The online retailer has over 12 million products fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.

In addition to that, this is only about 10% of the overall items listed on the e-commerce website. So, you can start to get a picture of how much the company makes. Amazon physical stores contribute to more sales, increasing the total net worth.

Another source of daily and monthly revenue for the business is the Amazon Marketplace. Here, third-party vendors and sites complete 90% of the items available on the platform. This sums the total items sold on Amazon to about 350 million.

While third-party sellers account for a big portion of total items sold on Amazon, you'll be surprised that this margin equates to 53% of the total transactions.

We know... a lot of maths and percentages but stick with us.

Third-party sellers and sites are also increasingly growing on the Amazon marketplace by day. Why? There's an inbuilt global audience that is hard to find anywhere else. Think about it, when you think about shopping online, Amazon comes to mind first.

This also allows people who want to create online stores on Amazon and directly sell on the platform. Prospective Amazon sellers can identify products in demand and leverage the already existing audience(customers). In other words, you can make passive income on Amazon!

The Amazon Prime loyalty program contributes a great chunk of the net profit with over 26 million prime members. Amazon has also diversified its income to include gaming streams, such as Stream.

Another source of Amazon's revenue is its food delivery services. This was after the acquisition of Whole Foods.

Amazon has not shied away from making investments. Amazon Web Services(AWS) contributes significantly to the total revenue. This cloud service allows users to store files, like pictures and videos and access them remotely when necessary.

We can't forget to mention other popular Amazon services like Kindle and Alexa voice recognition. This should give you a picture of how much revenue Amazon makes per given period through its new and innovative products.

How Much Does Amazon Make On Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is affiliated with the Prime loyalty program, whereby prime members enjoy free two-day shipping on goods fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.

It's reported that Amazon makes up to $5 billion on this day. In addition, Prime members save up to $1 billion, thanks to the Lightning deals, VIP discounts and free shipping.

How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make In A Day?

how much does Jeff Bezos make a day

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Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994, initially working from his garage in Seattle. It's estimated that Jeff Bezos makes $150,000 per minute. In addition, this is almost thrice the median of the average U.S. worker, according to the U.S. Labor Market Standards.

It would take an Amazon worker making a minimum wage of $15 600,000 hours to earn what Jeff Bezos makes in an hour. That's about 24 hours every day for 68 years.

Aside from Amazon, Jeff Bezos has diversified his daily, monthly and annual earnings with investments in Google, real estate, The Washington Post and other ventures. He also founded Blue Origin, a space program that takes paying customers to space.

Overall, it is safe to say that Jeff Bezos is worth billions of dollars. With Amazon being in more countries than ever and new products launching, this net worth is set to increase over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Sales Does Amazon Make In A Day?

Daily Amazon sales vary, making it challenging to have an exact value. However, in 2020 alone, Amazon delivered more than 4 billion packages in the United States alone. In addition, more than average goods are sold and shipped on Prime Day.

2. Who Buys From Amazon? receives about 206 guests monthly across the world. Of these, about 51% are female shoppers and 55% of the total shoppers have a family. In addition, 57% of the shoppers are estimated to have blue-collar jobs, 35% have a bachelor's degree and about 80% own their own homes.

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