How to Find an Amazon Seller Central Consultant for Your Business

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Did you know that more than 40% of all online sales are made on Amazon, which rules the e-commerce industry? However, it is a cutthroat platform. Because of this, companies that invest in Amazon consulting have a significant advantage over their rivals and may easily expand their online sales.

When selling on Amazon, there are various things to consider. First, it can be stressful, especially if your business is starting off. However, if you work with an Amazon consultant, you can get professional guidance on the issues you need assistance with.

For Amazon seller accounts, plenty of consultants are available but choosing the most appropriate one might be challenging. However, we've got some excellent advice on identifying an incredibly talented Amazon consultant.

What Is an Amazon Seller Consultant?

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An Amazon seller consultant is an individual who knows the Amazon platform in and out, selling on Amazon and marketing on the platform. They sell their expertise as a service to different businesses and help them increase sales on the site.

Like anything, having a second pair of eyes is frequently helpful. No matter how many tutorials and articles you've read and watched, sometimes you just fail to see what, after being brought to your attention, may seem like a minor detail that has been affecting your sales.

An Amazon seller consultant will probably even know things you don't know and can notice things you might not be able to. Hence, as the Amazon marketplace develops, more people are now providing their Amazon knowledge as a service.

What Does an Amazon Seller Consultant Do?

If you are unsure why you need Amazon Seller Central consultants, we have listed the main reasons. An Amazon seller consultant:

1. Helps to Assess Where You Have a Profitable Business

An Amazon seller starts by examining your business situation and then analyzing it by checking your competitors, sales channels, and target market. Additionally, they will evaluate how you can operate with your budget more effectively, how you run your advertisements, and how you can position your business.

Moreover, the consultant also determines whether Amazon is your company's most effective distribution channel. After that, the consultant will create Amazon selling strategies appropriate for your products. Additionally, they will help you learn how to improve the ranking of your listings in Amazon search results.

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2. Establishes Efficient Workflows for Your Business and Manage Your Finances

You can save so much time when you change your workflow to help minimize the burden of doing all the work rather than focusing on offering high-quality services to your customer. For example, Amazon seller consulting services usually recommend using a virtual assistant to create reports and manage customer emails.

A consultant assists you in setting up a productive workflow, keeps track of your development, and helps with budget management. Running an Amazon store involves so many different costs. You can manage your money and keep track of them with the assistance of a consultant.

3. Helps to Avoid Rookie Mistakes

By hiring an Amazon consultant, you may avoid making costly newbie errors. For example, beginners often invest a lot of money in unsuccessful Amazon PPC advertisements. Or they must pay fines for not paying FBA fees and tax obligations.

With the assistance of a consultant, you can steer clear of financial mistakes and move quickly in the direction of earning.

4. Helps to Offer Legal Services and Handle Suspension Appeals

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Every seller's worst nightmare is having their Amazon seller account suspended since it affects their reputation and product sales. Luckily, Amazon seller consultants have experience writing suspension appeals for a vendor central account.

Some are licensed attorneys with experience handling intellectual property disputes and suspension appeals. They can assist you with the process by offering you a Plan of Action or reviewing your current one. Finally, they can create supplier contracts to protect your company against retailers who aim to copy your products.

5. Helps to Expand Your Amazon Store Internationally

Will you be aiming for a global audience for your e-commerce business operations? Then, there are Amazon sales consultants with specialized knowledge in selling internationally who can assist by translating product listings, customer support, and customs duties.

Finally, Amazon consulting experts can advise on the best shipping companies and regulations.

6. Helps to Improve Your Product Listing and Increase Brand Content

Optimizing your product listings is necessary to boost brand awareness and increase visibility, and there are Amazon consultants who specialize in Amazon optimization. They will help boost your product listings to increase conversion rates, and the consultants can suggest ways to present your brand. This keeps you in the know about the latest tools.

7. Helps to Boost Your Advertising Campaigns

Amazon PPC might be challenging for many sellers, and most will often conduct their campaigns poorly since they don't have a marketing strategy. A consultant can help you set up your campaigns and provide an Amazon strategy for you to use to manage them over time.

An Amazon consultant can offer you solid advice on bidding strategies, and you spend less on advertising and attracting the correct clients. Finally, the information gathered from the ads will let you know how your keywords are doing and enable you to use this information for retargeting.

8. Helps Your Business Connect with Its Customers

The key to brand loyalty is having a relationship with your customers. When you fall short of providing the best service, it can result in a negative review. Thus, it is crucial to take those chances to improve your sales process and product and find a sales plan to reduce its impact.

When you have Amazon consultants, they will know how to respond to negative feedback since they troubleshoot problems and devise a solid plan to minimize bad reviews. They also understand how to use the influence of positive reviews.


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9. Helps You to Find Ways to Improve Your Product Offerings

Being an Amazon seller involves making decisions, and choosing the right products and processes for your business is important. A consultant can assist in determining if the issue is with the product itself or your advertising strategies.

They can guide you on whether or not to market a product. They may suggest that you improve some features or combine the purchase with other goods.

A consultant can also give you a second opinion on whether a product is worthwhile. They may also make recommendations for other goods that complement your current products. You will be able to save a ton of time and money by doing this.

10. Updates You on News and Updates

The online retail market is constantly expanding. Consequently, an Amazon consultant comes in handy to keep up with the expanding Amazon market. For instance, your ability to avoid suspension will be aided by having a consultant who monitors these changes.

Who Will Benefit from Amazon Seller Consultants?


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Several people will need Amazon consulting services, and they include:

1. New Amazon Sellers

New Amazon sellers have a lot to learn when launching an Amazon business. Along the road, they will make many mistakes. Thus, they require professional guidance from professional Amazon Seller Central experts.

Employing an Amazon consultant is necessary for new sellers to learn about product research and order fulfillment. In addition, to reduce their workload, they may profit from the guidance of a consultant regarding task outsourcing to virtual assistants.

2. Amazon Private Labelers

An Amazon consultant can be useful for sellers who produce their private-label goods. They can seek guidance on attracting positive reviews, improving listings, and managing an effective Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign.

Private labels might also run into issues with hijacked listings or intellectual property accusations. Again, they require the assistance of an Amazon Seller Central consultant and an attorney.

3. Established Retailers

Chances are, if you are a reputable and successful Amazon merchant, you have tough competition. However, using Amazon consulting services, you can develop marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage and offer the best prices to your customers.

Additionally, some Amazon sellers use unethical methods to shut down or suspend other stores. Again, having a person you can consult about these issues is a useful weapon in your toolbox.

4. Wholesalers and Manufacturers

There are various Amazon businesses, each with its market and customer base. So, as a wholesale or manufacturing business, you should hire an Amazon consultant to get expert advice. In addition, these consulting services can help your business processes to become more effective and efficient.

What Makes a Good Amazon Consultant?

What makes a good Amazon consultant?

To get the best Amazon marketing assistance, you will need to know the qualities of a good Amazon seller consultant:

1. The Experience They Have

Experience is a key consideration when choosing your Amazon consultant. Unfortunately, it's a common misperception that to claim to have the necessary training and expertise, a consultant must first become an Amazon seller.

This is untrue. Offering Amazon seller consulting services in a consulting firm or through an Amazon sales channel are other ways for Amazon Seller Central consultants to gain experience.

2. Services They Offer

Amazon has become a fully-fledged search engine for online goods. As a result, there are many services an Amazon seller consultant can offer, ranging from pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to search engine optimization (SEO). Some of the services Amazon consultants offer include:

a) Amazon SEO

An Amazon optimization consultant specializing in Amazon SEO focuses on optimizing your product listing for Amazon and its users. This improves the ranking of products in search results which can generate more sales for your Amazon business.

b) Amazon PPC

An Amazon marketing consultant is specialized in Amazon PPC, and their services focus on advertising your products through the AMS platform. This includes Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, and Product Display Ads to help improve product visibility to shoppers and get more orders.

c) Amazon FBA

An Amazon FBA consultant specializes in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which focuses on managing products and the fulfillment and logistics of items. This ensures a great shopping experience and product inventory management that meets consumer demand.

d) Amazon Review

An Amazon review management consultant focuses on Amazon reviews. This Amazon seller consulting service aims to get genuine and verified reviews for your products and engage with shoppers. This helps improve your ranking in search results, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness.

Some Amazon Seller Central consultants will offer all the services, and it depends on the services your business needs or wants.

3. Their Amazon SEO Understanding

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Although Amazon consulting services have different specializations, your consultant must understand the basics of Amazon's search algorithm, especially when providing SEO services. Furthermore, the consultant must understand Amazon SEO since it's the foundation of the platform and helps increase sales.

Even if you're working with an Amazon FBA consultant, they ought to be familiar with Amazon SEO. Check if an Amazon consultant's SEO knowledge is up to date as you assess their qualifications.

For consultants to be successful on Amazon, they must modify their SEO strategy because, like Google, the company is always updating its search algorithm.

4. Their Knowledge of Amazon Buy Box

An Amazon consultant's understanding of the Amazon Buy Box is another important consideration. As an Amazon seller, your company should aim for the Buy Box since it gives you a competitive advantage over other Amazon sellers.

Also, if you want to advertise on Amazon, it's necessary, and the best consultant should know how to win the Buy Box with competitive pricing and product optimization. However, if a consultant doesn't know about Amazon Buy Box, you should check other options.

5. Their Pricing Transparency

Price is a significant consideration for many businesses when evaluating Amazon Seller Central consulting services. However, if you want to maximize the return on investment for your business, you must work with a consultant within your budget.

Prices for consultants or Amazon experts differ from one another. For example, some companies will display their pricing online, while other Amazon consulting experts ask that you contact them for a quote.

Prices in some circumstances will also vary depending on the service you're seeking and the scope of your product offering, as with Amazon FBA consulting.

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6. Tools They Use

When working with the top Amazon consultant, you can be sure they'll employ a range of tools, whether they're doing Amazon FBA, Amazon PPC, or Amazon SEO. Knowing what tools they employ is beneficial since they might show you or provide access to reports produced by those tools.

Consider how the Amazon Seller Central consultant responds to your inquiries as you learn about the various applications they employ. Do they take the opportunity to go through the different aspects of the tools and their applications? Or do they respond briefly and in general terms? 

7. Portfolio

You should check a consultant's portfolio to learn more about their background. In addition, a consultant must keep an up-to-date collection of ecommerce case studies; otherwise, it may be assumed that they lack relevant expertise.

Before consulting Amazon specialists, you should check the product and its results. If a consultant tickles your fancy but doesn't have a portfolio or appropriate case studies online, you may always contact them and request some examples.

Conclusion on Amazon Seller Central Consulting

Amazon seller central consulting service

Working with Amazon consultants can help your company expand, build brand recognition, and generate revenue through sales. After all, different companies develop unique Amazon selling strategies to maximize their product listings.

You must first understand your business to determine where improvements can be made to achieve the best results. Then, search for an Amazon consultant once you can do so. We hope this guide is helpful in finding the best Amazon seller consulting services.

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