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Top Product Research Tools to Get Best Amazon Finds

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With an online business you start, the key determinant to success is knowing the product to choose since it is the guide that leads customers to your store who then make a purchase later. Unfortunately, choosing the top product research tools to get the best Amazon finds can be difficult since many solutions are available in the market with different features, interfaces, and price points.

The main difference between a good and a bad Amazon product research tool is how accurate the information it will provide is. Some tools also will have an extensive database, and others don't offer as much accuracy and detail. This article has listed the top research tools to get the best Amazon finds for you to have a successful business.

What is an Amazon Product Research Tool?

As the name suggests, an Amazon Product Research Tool is a service offered by online platforms that helps you gain important information on a product and learn how to sell it effectively. These tools often refer to sales volume, competition activity, keyword optimization, data tracking, historical prices, projected trends and sales. This information will assist merchants in having an idea of the sales potential and be knowledgeable of upcoming opportunities they can take advantage of.

Different platforms have various tools, and many have common ones like tools that will assist with trend projections, stock tracking, expense catalog and data storage.

What are the Top Product Research Tools to Get Best Amazon Finds?

These product research tools will help you design and execute any Amazon selling strategy. They include:

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a popular product research tool thanks to its user-friendliness, and it also has accurate data, which can be beneficial to beginners and experienced Amazon sellers. In addition, the software has an all-inclusive suite of tools that will help sellers gain a competitive advantage in any market, and you can get access to over 450 million products in Amazon's product database.

Helium 10 includes an Xray Chrome Extension, which you can open up on an Amazon product page or search results page to authenticate potential product opportunities that you are considering sourcing. In addition, you can compare multiple ASINS to display must-have data points like estimated keyword phrase search volume or estimated broad keyword phrase search volume.

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 software has four pricing options available:

  • Free Plan
  • Platinum Plan- $97/month
  • Diamond Plan- $197/month
  • Elite Plan-$397/month

In addition, there's a Helium 10 A La Carte Plan, which is the perfect plan for you if you plan on paying for only the tools you want to use.


  • It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • A large dataset of keywords of products with accurate Amazon data
  • It has a reverse ASIN tool that allows reverse-engineering the competitor's product listings
  • It gives you the most comprehensive all-in-one Amazon seller toolkits
  • You get a free Kevin Kings' Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA course when you get the Helium 10 membership


  • The Helium 10 free version has limited functionality

2. SellerApp

SellerApp is great for turning any user into a product research pro with intuitive features, smarter shortcuts and instant insights. In addition, the software gives accurate numbers and data picked from the most reliable sources, and it's one of the most beginner-friendly software in the market.

It combines several features to make an Amazon seller's life easier. First, it has a lot to offer in terms of marketing since it collects over 300 million data points daily to give in-depth analytics such as ratings, sales and revenue estimates etc. Everything in the tool is driven by data, and this allows you to make an informed decision on what products to stock since you can find out what competitors are doing and improve your strategy.

Additionally, you can set up alerts to get notified of price changes on the products you are interested in, and the dashboard will give you a great overview of metrics for your business. The SellerApp's stats are impressive and have satisfied about 97% of their customers, proving the increase in the user's revenue.

SellerApp Pricing

  • Pro-Lite- $99/ month
  • Professional- $199/ month


  • It offers a fully featured 7-day free trial
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to understand even for beginners in the Amazon business
  • An online demo is available before you commit to a plan
  • Its optimation tool can give a seller actionable improvement points for a clear yet practical guidance


  • It only comes with two different plans
  • Since there are many features and tools, it can take a while before you learn how to use all the tools

3. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is among the most well-known Amazon seller software, and it helps sellers with the necessary tools to boost their product information and sales. The tool can be used for various purposes, including finding profitable products, analyzing the competition and tracking your inventory levels.

The all-in-one solution for selling on Amazon is a game-changer for sellers on different levels. For example, new sellers have an Opportunity Finder Tool that allows users to find high-demand yet low-competition products. Also, they have an Academy made up of how-to guides and tutorials for Amazon sellers.

For the existing sellers, the tool has an Extension which is a tool to boost your product rankings by getting more reviews in each product listing. Jungle Scout tool also has services for agencies and brands aimed at big brands, including competitor tracking, improved product performance, market share analysis, insights and alerts.


  • 7-day free trial,
  • Beginner-friendly
  • It's easy to use as you need to point, click then evaluate
  • Supplier database
  • Flexible pricing options to cater to all budgets


  • You will need to buy another software for your Amazon FBA business
  • It lacks a free trial
  • Some features are limited to the US marketplace

Jungle Scout Pricing

The product research tool comes with three pricing plans:

  • Basic- $19/month- Meant for beginners
  • Suite- $49/month- Meant for existing Amazon sellers
  • Professional- $109/month- Aimed at agencies and brands

4. AMZScout

AMZScout is a great tool for training since it's safe, secure and a low investment way to learn great advice from expert Amazon sellers before investing a lot of dollars in a quality product research tool. The product searching is extensive, and it comes with 44 filters to choose from, but you can also draw the historic data to check the product's average rank, rating, price, and so much more in a specific period. It also has keyword research tools to create amazing Amazon PPC ads and SEO-friendly product listings.

It offers up-to-date pricing, inventory levels, reviews and all types of product categories to allow you to focus your efforts on growing your Amazon business. You will get monthly sales, potential product score, profit, BSR and multiple competitor analysis levels without moving to the product page. In addition, it has an Amazon FBA fees calculator, Stock Stats, Sales Estimator and an Amazon to eBay comparison tool that allows you to observe your competitors for a while to check their strategies.

AMZ Scout Pricing

  • Pro Extension- $45.99 / month
  • Amazon Seller's Bundle- $49.99 / month


  • Free beginner training videos
  • It comes with a lifetime plan for the serious Amazon sellers
  • An affordable entry-level plan
  • Listings Wizard automates a part of the process, which frees up your time
  • Extensive filters to help you sift through Amazon products easily


  • Not as accurate and powerful as other product research tools
  • Lacks supplier services

5. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is another all-in-one Amazon solution used by Amazon sellers globally, which allows you to find products in only three clicks. You get the best products, brands, keywords, and niches which arms you with a lot of information, including market trends, sales estimates and competition levels.

Viral Launch allows you to track the best sellers, giving you a chance to see the competitor's SEO and ad strategies directly from Amazon to improve your SEO. It has an advanced relevancy filter that saves you time while sifting through the unusable keywords. In addition, they advertise hidden keywords that your competitors may have missed for the best SEO-optimized Amazon listings.

In addition, the software has a Kinetic tool that automates the Amazon PPC, which saves you time giving you access to a lot of data on the performance of your marketing campaigns. But, unfortunately, it's unsuitable for beginners or intermediate sellers, and it's only available in eight international markets.

Viral Launch Pricing

The product research tool has four different price plans, including:

  • Beginner – $50/month
  • Pro – $83/month
  • Brand Builder – $125/month
  • Kinetic – $166/month


  • Smooth interface
  • Available in non-US markets
  • Suitable for running paid ads marketing campaigns
  • Expert market intelligence
  • It filters out the irrelevant results
  • Creates SEO optimized Amazon listings easily


  • Not as user-friendly as other tools
  • It doesn't have a free plan

Why Is An Amazon Product Research Tool Important?

As much as you can conduct manual product research, it will take you a lot of time, especially at the beginning. However, you can employ various product research tools to get closer to your goal, thanks to technological advancements. A product research tool is meant to find the best amazon finds or winning products and offer you the information you will need to decide whether to sell the products on not.

Millions of products are for sale in the Amazon marketplace, and most Amazon customers are looking for more than just value and price. So as an Amazon seller, you need to do more things than just selling, including creating a worthy customer experience and marketing.

Some of the tasks that the best Amazon research tools can help you with include:

a). Product Research

One of the vital tasks of product research tools is to help you find the hidden gems with little to no effort. Finding the right product can position you to achieve massive success, and choosing the wrong product can leave you bankrupt after eating all your capital.

Therefore, the ability to have proper keyword research to find the winning product is crucial, and these tools can help by digging into the website's database. With the correct information, you will be able to make well though data-driven decisions on what the best product to sell is.

b). Analyze The Competition

It doesn't matter whether you have been selling on Amazon for a long time or you are a beginner. You will need to ensure you have a competitive edge against other sellers. To achieve this, you will have to analyze the competition to know how to compete effectively. These product research tools will help you succeed by checking out the current competition and finding ways of making more. It allows you to view what your competitors are selling, ratings, reviews, and other useful information.

c). Scanning Multiple Marketplaces

When selling online, you may need to explore different marketplaces, and it's important to find out the best ones to explore. Product research tools help you scan the different markets to know when to outgrow your current marketplace and be prepared to sell in other markets.

d). Define Profit And Expenses

Most sellers may assume that products with high sale prices are the best, but it's important to look at these products' expenses. If you can handle a reasonable profit and loss, you will experience more success in your business.

A product research tool estimates your profits and losses to allow a seller to choose the products to sell to get a higher return. Although you don't need significant capital for some online selling, you will still have to spend money on ad campaigns, hosting, themes and other costs related to running websites.

Therefore, you need to make more profits to avoid the expenses weighing down on your profits. In addition, you will be able to choose your products better when you know more about your profits and expenses.

e). Save Money

Many sellers complain because they have to use many tools to compete and sell successfully since each tool is good at a particular thing, and it can be hard having many tools to help you sell. This is why finding one tool to help with most issues is vital for most sellers.

Product research tools help solve more than one issue to ensure you don't need other tools to sell successfully.

Frequently Asked on the Top Product Research Tools to Get Best Amazon Finds

1. Are Amazon Research Tools Worth It?

Yes, they are. A product research tool is worth the investment, and it will save you from making some mistakes when it comes to listing the products that will sell well while keeping up with your competitors. In addition, it will give you an idea of all the top-performing products.

2. How Do Product Research Tools Work?

The product research tools collect and compare millions of products to give data on the best seller's products. You can choose categories and the metrics you want your tool to use when comparing the different Amazon products.

You will do this by downloading the app, installing the software you have chosen and using the data to choose the best product you need to upload at a specific time.

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