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Maintaining your brand's visibility as a seller on the Amazon marketplace is challenging. You compete with other Amazon sellers to earn a more favorable ranking when buyers search for goods on the platform. In addition, gaining the Amazon Buy Box will help users purchase your stock in fewer steps to boost sales. Finally, a tool like an Amazon seller app scanner is designed to offer you an edge in stocking your products for better performance on the platform.

So, what is the Amazon seller scanning app, and how can you use it to achieve better sales? What are your options as a seller, and what features do they bring? Whether you are new to the platform or have plenty of experience selling on the platform, our deep dive into answering these questions helps illuminate the Amazon retail arbitrage space.

Defining the Amazon Seller Scanner App

Before discussing how the Amazon seller scanner apps work, we need to define retail arbitrage on the Amazon platform. The definition is simple, source discounted products in retail stores and then resell them at a profit. Of course, you will need an FBA calculator to figure out the best price for your offerings to guarantee an income from reselling the sourced products.

Of course, buying goods from retail stores instead of manufacturers or suppliers means a lower profit margin. In addition, the process seems counterintuitive since it makes sense for users to go to the retail store themselves as they will not cost as much. Nevertheless, products do not have the same price stage everywhere, while e-commerce staples like Amazon make shopping experiences convenient for users. So, there is money to be made within this niche.

Going to your local retail store to take inventory of the products on offer and their prices to then going home to check how much profit you can earn from a reasonable resale is a lot of work. The return on investment for all the time and effort spent would not be worth it as it could take weeks to go through a few stores. Enter the Amazon seller app scanner.

An Amazon seller scanner app, Amazon barcode scanner app or the Amazon seller scanner are names used to point to the same kind of application that assists with retail arbitrage. You can use it to check on critical information about different products by scanning their barcodes. The application has you covered whether you want to know about the potential profit, whether customers are looking for it, and who your competitors would be.

Furthermore, you can check out other data points, depending on your application. Since numerous Amazon barcode scanner apps are available, we shall cover the best ones. Plus, we shall delve into the information you can get from each.

Best Amazon Seller Scanner Apps

1. Amazon Seller App

First on our list is the application from Amazon Mobile LLC, which is the company's attempt at making retail arbitrage simpler for Amazon sellers. If you are registered and have an Amazon seller account, you will find this application available for you. After downloading and installing it, you can log in via your account to access the features.

Through the application, you can analyze the sales rank for different products and interact with the Amazon Selling Coach for information on your inventory, to identify growth opportunities and determine whether your prices are competitive. Additionally, you can contact seller support to help you figure out how you can leverage the other features. Plus, you can download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. ScanPower Mobile

The ScanPower Mobile app offers pro-Amazon sellers reliable information on demand and market pricing of any product sold on the Amazon platform. You can take your retail arbitrage to the next level from a simple barcode scan by making data-driven decisions. Plus, the app is compatible with Bluetooth scanners to help make your work easier.

Admittedly, the app is not very popular on Google Play or the Apple Store because it requires a paid subscription to work, along with an Amazon Seller Account. Still, it comes with a 30-day trial that could potentially get you hooked on their detailed services. After all, this Amazon seller scanner app is geared toward Professional sellers on the marketplace.

3. Scoutify App (2)

The Scoutify 2 app also requires a paid subscription to InventoryLab. Still, you can get it on Google Play and the App Store and access detailed services on multiple data points. After all, the premium package includes faster and more accurate information retrieval on how much a product sells on the platform.

Moreover, the Amazon scanner app gives you restricted item alerts and information on products' condition, tax rate, and expiration date when you link the application with Stratify. Consequently, it is an ideal tool for determining whether you can meet your desired sales rank, performance and return on investment. If you have not achieved the pro seller status, this scouting geared application will help.

Amazon Scanner Apps That Work Offline

1. Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

The Keepa Amazon Price Tracker allows users to follow up on products across numerous Amazon locations. The mobile application, found on Google Play and Apple Store, allows you to scan products via their barcodes and get extensive data. In addition, you can look up the sales data for prices and rank over time.

Moreover, the retail arbitrage app allows you to check the sellers' rank for a particular product in a specific duration. You can create a price watch and get notifications if the amount falls below a set point. Plus, since it is free to use, you can forgive it for having to do a manual search when monitoring multiple listings.

2. Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit in Google Play and the App Store offers pro and basic packages to help you create an effective Amazon business. The profit calculator on the Amazon seller scanner app is an accurate tool for estimating what you can earn, including FBA fees and postage rates. Plus, the pro mode has a downloadable database mode which allows you to search for the products while offline.

The basic package of the scanning app supports Keepa graphs to help you break down the history and access alerts in case you scan products from the restricted category. In addition, you have three options for scanning: Native, ZBar and Pic2Shop. Still, you will need a subscription to access other Amazon sites apart from the US one.

3. Scoutly TurboLister Combo App

If you do not always have an internet connection or you want to use an Android Wear device apart from your phone, the Scoutly TurboLister Combo App is the one for you. This seller app features an offline mode, but you will need to pay for the higher tier in the subscription service. However, both tiers offer listing with FBA and live scouting.

You can access a tutorial for using the Amazon seller scanner app when you download it from Google Play or the Apple Store. In addition, you can link to a separate Bluetooth barcode scanner or do a live search on Google, Amazon, CamelCamelCamel, eBay or other platforms. Plus, you can use it along with other apps to help compliment your business.

4. Neatopricer

The Neatopricer App allows you to make fast price comparisons since it is stocked with at least 18 million products in a continually updated database. Plus, you can download the items on your phone for quick access when you do not have an internet connection. Hence, you can rely on the scanner app to check various metrics with their paid subscription when you download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

You will need to enable carriage return suffix in HID_keyboard mode to use an external scanning device with the application. Nevertheless, it works well with most options you can find. Plus, new users get a 14-day trial where they have plenty of room to test whether the features are advantageous to their business.

5. ScoutIQ

If you want an Amazon seller scanner app with all the necessary tools without looking up data elsewhere, the ScoutIQ is an excellent choice. This application has an eScore feature that compiles and displays the sales data of products without having to use Camel or Keepa. In addition, you can access the Team Mode when you are ready to upscale your business with scouts in different areas.

You can customize the smart triggers for accessing different data points to help you make a profit-oriented decision. Also, you can create multiple profiles and set different triggers for them to assist you in gauging the areas promising the most growth. Nevertheless, you can only access information from the US and UK Amazon markets when you get it from the Apple Store or Google Play.


You can take advantage of retail arbitrage by setting up an Amazon seller account, learning how to get out of the restricted selling, comparing prices accurately and using a reliable sales calculator. After that, the sky is the limit if you are willing to put in the time and effort to grow your business. Before diving in, potential Amazon sellers can use the applications we have listed here, especially the free ones, to identify niches where they can establish profitability.

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