How to Search by Seller on Amazon, The FBA, and Seller Central Explained

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When searching for products on Amazon, you might have a specific seller you are going for. There are two foolproof methods on how to search by seller on Amazon. Here they are.

Later we will give you more tips on navigating the Amazon page and understanding the FBA.

How to Find Amazon Sellers

There are moments when I need to find a specific seller on Amazon. Amazon has a search engine that can easily help me find a featured seller on Amazon.

How to Find Amazon Sellers

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While Amazon provides an alphabetical list of every seller in each department, it takes a lot of time to scroll through and find a specific seller. However, there are methods I use to find a seller's name because Amazon is the largest online retailer, and it would be futile to search without a strategy.

Here is how I go about finding a particular seller on amazon.

1) The Search Bar

The Amazon search bar is probably the most useful tool on Amazon. Not only does the search bar help in accessing the search results page, but you can also get other sellers on Amazon. All I need to do when searching for a seller on amazon is type in their business or store names.

It is worth noting that there is no specific search bar for sellers and another for product names. The search bar is one and will do all the searches on Amazon. So if you put in a seller name, the seller's products will show up, and I can navigate from there.

Almost all products have the seller name alongside them. When you click on a seller name, Amazon will take you straight to the seller's storefront. Amazon's search feature is your best bet for finding your desired merchant.

2) Store Name

Searching other merchants on Amazon is possible by typing in the store name. However, I usually do not know the code for the specific product or the product name. If I can remember the merchant names, I have a chance of getting the product without typing in the exact name.

When you search a store name, you will find the complete list of the items sold by the store, which makes a search more productive.

How to Navigate Amazon Seller Central

How to Navigate Amazon Seller Central

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To be a successful seller in the Amazon marketplace, I had to know my way around Amazon seller central. This was especially the case when I needed to set up my account and sell products as a third-party seller. Amazon seller central is the third-party seller's storefront, and here is all you need to know.

The Amazon seller central offers more than just selling items. To be a successful seller, reseller, and merchant, I had to understand the ins and outs of the Amazon seller central, and I will tell you all about it. Here are the questions we will answer

a) What Happens in Amazon Seller Central?

Because I have an Amazon business, seller central is where I operate when managing my business. There are lots of features and tools to help that help me navigate my way around seller central, and I did not have a hard time as a beginner seller on Amazon.

I have to manage my inventory as an online store (technically, a store like any other). Therefore, the section I visit on the page is the "manage inventory" section. In addition, you will see sections with FBA options when you click the dropdown tabs on the Amazon seller central page. For instance, there is a "manage inventory" section and a "manage FBA inventory" section. I will discuss what an FBA is later in this article.

b) Can I Add Products on Amazon Seller Central?*

Can I Add Products on Amazon Seller Central?

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Being one of the Amazon sellers, I deal with products. So, for a certain product to sell, I have to make it visible to buyers by adding the products to Amazon.

To add products to Amazon, I head to the "Inventory" section in the dropdown menu, then click on the "add products" tab. Here, I can add both products sold on Amazon and new products if I am introducing something that has never been sold on the Amazon site.

When adding an existing product, the process is fairly simple to browse because there are categories for existing products. I do this by selecting the product type and matching it with the appropriate category.

There is more information and fields for me to fill to give my product the unique identification that will help it sell easily on Amazon.

c) How do I Promote/Advertise Products on Amazon Seller Central?

Once my products are on Amazon, they need to be visible because I compete against many Amazon businesses. So many sellers are grappling for the same space on the Amazon homepage, and I prefer my product to be on the first Amazon page. Therefore, I have to be smart when promoting my product.

How do I Promote/Advertise Products on Amazon Seller Central?

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I learned how to sponsor ads on Amazon. Furthermore, there are options to sponsor brands and the choice to display ads on my product. This increases the revenue I get from my products sold on the Amazon platform.

You will find all these marketing options under the Advertising tab.

d) How do I Fulfill Orders on Amazon?

Once someone has bought my product, I need to fulfill the order by shipping the product to the client. I have two options. I can fulfill an order myself, and Amazon can fulfill an order for me.

If I am fulfilling an order, I must purchase a shipping label and mark the ordered product as shipped. In addition, there is an "Orders" dropdown tab where I can manage my orders.

If you use FBA to ship your products, Amazon will take care of the shipping. This makes your selling process more efficient.

e) Business Report

As a seller on Amazon, I need to know how my business is fairing. This makes it easier to see the metrics that inform my future business strategies. I can find this section under the "Reports" dropdown menu.

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The information I can get from this section includes the return reports and PPC reports and how many times clients have viewed my products in a given week.

f) Seller Support

There are moments when I need help navigating my page or getting a task done. When it comes to such moments, I click on the "Help" button on the upper right corner of the page.

g) Videos

Some products need videos to aid the buyer in understanding the product use better. For example, I rely on videos when putting up my products to show my buyers how to use the products once sold.

Videos are a great way to make products more relatable to buyers.

h) Seller Forums

Since Amazon is a marketplace, other sellers are probably facing similar challenges as myself. The seller forums allow me to get my questions answered by other sellers and vice versa. There will always be a particular seller who will give me tips to make it in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

i) Brands

Amazon sellers can have brands that they want people to be aware of. Amazon allows you to make your brand visible through the brand registry section, where your brand's storefront will be synonymous with your products. You can include your company logo or anything that identifies your company to the buyers.

j) Discounts

As a seller, a strategy that works for me is having discounts on my products sold on Amazon. There is a lot of power in giving discounts and offers on a product, making it lucrative to the buyer. Also, discounts are great for my product name, which will be more visible to buyers when there are more activities on my page.

k) Can Someone Else Manage My Amazon Seller Page?

 Can Someone Else Manage My Amazon Seller Page?

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I am very busy sometimes, and I have people working for me. So I have to give access to my employees to manage my account every time I am away. All I need to do is add the person as a user to my account, and they can access everything in it.

Is Amazon FBA Free?

Is Amazon FBA Free?

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The Amazon FBA is a genius idea where third-party sellers can have a thriving environment to sell products. However, is it free?

As a vendor, I need to fulfill my orders. I can do this myself or allow Amazon to do it. If Amazon does the fulfillment for me, some costs will be involved. Remember, Amazon is not only an online store but a shipping company as well.

Amazon has a list of fulfillment fees on its page that will guide sellers.

Other than the FBA, there are other fees that you need to be aware of. For example, Amazon provides a selling plan that optimizes your sales. Additionally, Amazon offers referrals to Amazon sellers, which comes at a cost.

Can I Check FBA Sales?

Yes, you can.

You can get more information from sales, including inventory, payment, sales, removal, customer concession, and more FBA business reports.

The Amazon FBA sales is a great tool sellers like me use to enable their businesses. The reports are monthly, giving an analysis after every 30 days. I had to learn how to calculate Amazon sales to get the most accurate results.

Does FBA have Inventory Limits?

Yes and no.

Yes, because you need to achieve a given IPI score to increase your inventory limit. IPI stands for Inventory Performance Index. This score is what you need to keep an eye on.

No, because as long as you can keep improving your IPI, then there are no limits to your FBI limits.

Does FBA have Inventory Limits?

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If your IPI is limiting your inventory, there are ways of bypassing the limit by having a third-party fulfillment center. This way, you can avoid the Amazon overstock charge.

The IPI limit exists to avoid inventory that overstays in fulfillment centers. It is important to know that you can sell products on Amazon without inventory.

What is the Amazon FBA Eligibility?

What do you need to sign up for Amazon? There are no restrictions or requirements to be submitted to Amazon's sellers before signing up for the FBA program. Everyone can apply as a reseller or seller and enjoy the services.

What is the Minimum Inventory When using FBA?

No minimum limit.

An IPI index is to be achieved for the maximum quantity of inventory you can have in amazon fulfillment centers. However, Amazon loses nothing when your products are not occupying any space.

What is Amazon Fulfillment Center?

This is a fancy name for Amazon warehouses. However, the name is not just fancy; it stands for a location where Amazon fulfills buyers' orders. Here, items are tracked, and millions of items are assigned to their rightful buyers. There are a lot of fulfillment centers to manage all of Amazon's orders.

What is Amazon Fulfillment Center?

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Remember, not all the products make it to the Amazon fulfillment center. Some product orders are fulfilled by merchants, making it practical for them to handle the products.

There are about 175 Amazon warehouses in America and Europe. The 150 million square feet of space ensures clients are served, and all their orders get to them without delay.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a strong tool if you are willing to learn the ins and outs of it. You can locate specific merchants, find a seller and merchant page using the products, and sell products as a third-party seller. Amazon offers a chance to make a good amount of revenue, and you should take advantage of it as I did.

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